Queen Beauty Universe will win over $50,000 in cash and prizes and casting and modeling opportunities with brands, designers, TV / film agents, producers and talent managers. The 2020 Queen Beauty Universe pageant will be announced early next year. Details to follow! To compete for Queen Beauty Universe, you must be:
  • 18 - 28 years old
  • 5'7" or taller [recommended]
  • Single, never married, no children
Queen Beauty Universe is an open country pageant system. If you compete in or are part of a casting in one country and do not win; you may compete or participate in casting calls for up to two (2) more countries in a single pageant cycle. There are no country residency requirements for you as a contestant or as a selected / appointed at-large titleholder; however, all Queen Beauty Universe contestants and titleholders must either possess a work or travel visa from the country she represents. No exceptions.
Queen Beauty Universe will be judged in five categories:
  • Interview - beautiful, smart, relatable
  • Swimwear - beautiful, fit, poised
  • Runway Walk - beautiful, chic, sophisticated
  • Spokesmodel - beautiful, articulate, convicted
  • Decorum - beautiful, friendly, helpful
Queen Beauty Universe will represent herself, the pageant, our sponsors and women across the country. During pageant weekend, she will be observed by staff, crew and judges all the time, not just when the stage lights are up and the cameras are on. If your inner beauty isn't as bright as your external beauty, we're not a match.